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Rachel + Josh- Gilbertsville Farms- October 15th, 2016

This was one crazy weekend. It started with this wedding and it followed by another wedding the next day. The cool thing about both weddings, both brides and I worked at Starbucks at the same time. Different stores, but same city.

Rachel  and Josh got married at a barn venue in Gilbertsville, NY called Gilbertsville Farms. They rent out their house for the bridal party to get ready in. The have some pretty swanky safari looking tents they rent out for “glamping.” They’re fully equipped with a king sized bed fully dressed, and some beautiful pieces to glam up the room. They’re absolutely beautiful!

Outdoor ceremonies are often coveted by most brides; especially when they’re in a picturesque location. Outdoor ceremonies can be tricky! There’s only one thing you cannot control: the weather. Especially weddings located in the Northeast, weather is unpredictable; it doesn’t matter if it’s in the dead of summer, you can’t rely on the weather to be ‘normal.’  In 2017, the summer was cool. It rained, a lot. It felt more like an extended Spring than a normal summer. The Fall felt extended which people greatly welcomed; my point is, have a plan! If it’s going to be really hot, then do your guests a favor and have something to cool your guests off like fans or parasols, or take into account where the sun will beat down. Changing even the direction of the ceremony could be in the best interest for everyone. Ultimately, it’s your day so make it how you have always envisioned it!

Gilbertsville Farmhouse offers a few different options for ceremony locations; either overlooking the valley, the milk barn or in the woods. Rachel and Josh chose their location to be overlooking the valley.  The day really couldn’t have been more perfect! October is such a hit or miss month; no matter which way it swings, it swings that way hard! Thankfully, it swung in our favor. Wispy clouds, sun, and warm temps.

This ceremony was so sweet! The emotion ran strong with this one!

These bridesmaids dresses were amazing!  The gold completely shimmered in the October light. Everyone wants to have a great time at their wedding reception; so there are events, good food, booze and lots and lots of dancing!  When it comes to your reception, make it about you and personalize it to you. Just because you saw something done at one reception, doesn’t mean it needs to be done at yours.  The short of it is, have your reception be you!

Personalizing the ring shots are some of my favorite things to do. This was the cutest little cake topper of Rachel, Josh and their dogs. Rachel tends to adopt little creatures at every turn. They even had a little rescue in the bridal suite. A tiny tiger kitty named Ollie. Like Oliver Twist.. He’s so sweet!!

The chandeliers in this barn are our of control! They’re so completely glamorous and really add a beautiful touch to the barn.

I’m not quite sure what to story was about this Rastafarian banana.. but it stuck around for the whole bit of dancing. One of our favorite things to photograph is a night portrait. It’s a perfect end of night photo to bring the whole day full circle. It’s also a great time for you to take a moment and get some air since by the time we do this portrait you’re most likely overheated and tired. KJ and I will set everything up ahead of time, so the only thing you’ll have to do is walk outside to the spot we put you; from there, we’ll give you a few details about what’s coming next.  If you have an exit planned, this is also a good time for the night portrait. In this case, we had two different versions of the night shot. We had a sparkler exit, and then took them up on the hill into the woods for a few more night photos.

Tom + Charity- Day After Session- Block Island, Rhode Island

The day after Tom and Charity’s wedding was a completely different day than the one before!  They have the term ‘night and day’ for situations like this! I am very glad we pre-arranged for their portraits session to be the day after. With the combination of their timeline and the hurricane, it would have been impossible!  The day was a bit chilly, but we took the chilly wind and sun combination over a blazing hurricane!

Tom and Charity came back to the 1661 Inn to get redressed and we ventured out to the grounds of the Spring House Hotel for portraits outside.

The sun really cuts into the cold and makes everything great!  

The Southeast Lighthouse is iconic on Block Island. The Block Island Southeast Lighthouse was built in 1874 on a ten acre plot of land on the southern tip of Block Island. When the lighthouse was built, three hundred feet of land lay between it and the edge of Mohegan Bluffs and the ocean. Over the next hundred years the bluff eroded to within seventy-five feet of the light. If something wasn’t done soon, the light would light fall into the ocean. On August 13, 1993, the lighthouse started its move inland. It took nineteen days to move it to a new location, three hundred feet from the bluff.  (Information taken from http://rhodeislandlighthousehistory.info)

From the light house, we moved to the bluffs. This was the original idea for the ceremony location, but the spacing was a bit cramped. So the idea was to have the wedding on the lawn of the Spring House Hotel, although that obviously wouldn’t work due to the hurricane! This was a beautiful spot for photos though!

I saw this spot down below, wanted to put my clients there, but the trail to get down there was a bit cumbersome. They were up for it in a heartbeat! Charity kicked off her shoes, tucked the veil into her dress, and they made their way down to the bluff!  I love this view of them on the bluff with the calm ocean around it!

The last stop on our island tour was the house they stayed at post honeymoon.  The field reminded me of something out of Pride and Prejudice. Continue reading

Tom and Charity- Block Island, Rhode Island

This wedding was especially special to capture for us. Tom is one of KJ’s younger brothers and we were privileged enough to be asked to photograph their wedding day. We designated the day after to take their wedding portraits due to such a tight timeline, it really worked out for our favor, but more on that later!

Hurricane Matthew hit the same day as their wedding, making for a pretty eventful day! Thankfully, we all got onto the island the day before, before the hurricane hit! Tom and Charity are such a sweet couple. They’re actually gag worthy with how much they love each other. I have funny memories of playing Ticket to Ride with the both of them where they got all googly-eyed because they’re trains were traveling side by side.. gag me! Kj and I used to be accused of being that way, but since Tom and Charity got together, we’ve been out-gagged! buahah!

I know of some brides who got really upset at the prospect of rain on their wedding day, Tom and Charity got a hurricane! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.. if that’s true, these two have enough luck to spread around to multiple couples!

Charity’s something borrowed was her veil from her Matron of Honor. She wore this on her wedding day, it was made by her mother for her wedding.

This hair piece was so beautiful! I love the intricacy of this piece! I hope Charity is able to pass it down to future generations!

Here’s a glimpse of Charity’s bridal prep area. They rented this house via Air B&B, it was tucked away into the island, which sounds funny because there’s basically one road that goes around the island! Most roads are not marked which made getting to this house difficult, then add a hurricane! This house was great though, and provided a great area for Charity and Faith to get ready. We generally walk into a pretty busy bridal prep area, it was quite refreshing to find a peaceful setting. Tom’s getting ready portion of the day (like most men’s) was really simple. There was some ironing involved, which is more than most men have to do! Tom also got ready in mine and KJ’s room at the 1661 Inn right down the road from the wedding venue, Spring House Inn.

This moment right before the aisle between Charity and her Dad was so lovely, even with the slight photo bomb of the Matron of Honor! One of the sweetest things about their ceremony was the complete inclusion of everyone. Their Matron of Honor and Best Man officiated the wedding, and their vows were very personalized.

This was not the original idea for the ceremony sight. But, again, Hurricane Matthew to throw a wrench into plans. Instead, the ceremony was put here, under the tent. It was loud, due to the wind and rain, and we swore that at one point the tent was going to blow off the place! Charity’s veil was going EVERYWHERE! Her Dad caught it and held it in place which made for a sweet little detail, but I also kind of wished he would have let that thing fly!

Charity’s engagement ring was so sweet! Tom refers to Charity as his Pearl of Great Price, referencing a parable Jesus spoke of about the Kingdom in the book of Matthew; so he gave her a pearl as her engagement ring!

“God bless the broken road, that led me straight to you!”

Matthew and Faith’s speeches were full of laughter and touching memories! Greatest Congratulations to Tom and Charity O’Reilly!