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Allison + Justin: Traditions at the Glenn, Binghamton NY

Allison and Justin had many special things planned for their guests and each other on their wedding day.  Allison had a figurine of the Bonaventure mascot made up and put on the cake for Justin. The love story video, put together by Jimmie Malone, had some beautiful details and stories about the two of them which made everyone (especially the bride and groom) cry!  They also customized their favors by bringing in Muckles Ink in to live screen print t-shirts! Instead of a Sparkler Exit, they did a Glow Stick exit! Very different and difficult to shoot, but it made for a great exit!

Many brides have a pretty specific idea of how they want their wedding day to look and feel. The biggest thing and really most important thing anyone should remember is to just breathe through it all. Not everything goes according to plan, but in the end, you’re marrying your best friend! That’s the reason behind the big hoopla, the great party, and all the planning! Focus on that, and no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) the day will be perfect!

Cheers and Love!
Emily + KJ

From Allison + Justin

Favorite memory of the day?Definitely our ribbon wand church exit!
Funniest memory? When the groomsmen got my attention while we were on the altar and I thought they wanted to see my ring but they were really pointing out that I had put Justin’s ring on the wrong hand.
Most memorable moment/s? Sharing that special moment with my dad right before I walked down the aisle, Seeing each other when the church doors opened, Stopping to look at all of the people during dinner that were there to celebrate with us and realizing just how loved we are, Watching our love story video together for the first time, both “exits”, the quiet moment alone that we shared right after we walked down the aisle together as a married couple!
Any advice for future bride and grooms? Stop to take it all in because it goes by SO FAST

What drew you to hire Emily Elizabeth Studios? The beautiful examples of your work on the website.
What was your biggest fear, if any, before hiring me? That there would be some sort of glitch and we would have no pictures (I really had this nightmare!)
What did you like most about working with Emily Elizabeth Studios? I liked that we were able to get to know each other before the actual wedding day. That made things a lot easier.
If you were to refer Emily Elizabeth Studios to your friends, what would you say to them? Emily and KJ are fun and super easy to work with and the photos are absolutely beautiful!

Dress designer and location: “Noelle” by Maggie Sottero purchased at Dress Your Fancy in Greene, NY // Jewelry: Rings designed by Chris Daniel at C.D. Daniel/Conti Jewelers, Earrings and bracelet from GlamorousBijoux on Etsy // Shoes: Touchups custom dyed by Dyemyshoes.com // Veil/ hair piece: Veil – Erika Koesler, Hair piece – “Lena Horne” by Paris by Debra Moreland (both purchased at Dress Your Fancy) // Hair: Jenna Wolf at Avant Garde // Makeup: The Spa at Traditions // Bridesmaids dresses: Alexia purchased at Bridal Emporium // Grooms attire: Jim’s Formal Wear through Sall Stearns // Ceremony venue: St. Patrick’s Church // Reception venue: Traditions at the Glen // Florist: Tioga Gardens // Dj/band: Exceptional Receptions by Jimmie Malone (also did photobooth, uplighting, slideshows, video love story) // // Videographer: SouthSixty // Special details?: Decorator – Stacey Webb, Cake – Hong Millard, Favors – custom screen printed shirts and totes by Muckles Ink., Invitations, Programs, etc. – Ja.m Scripts


National Proposal Day: Engagement in Binghamton NY

Today is apparently National Proposal Day, so we figure we would share a couple proposals we were able to be apart of!

With both proposals I was able to be apart of the planning and execution of them. Keeping this big of a secret is tough!

Josh + Hillary

This one was especially tough. I initially wanted to surprise my sister by just showing up in Atlanta. Then thought better of it and decided that at least telling Josh would be a good idea.. Then after talking with him we decided to tell Hillary I was coming down. It’s a good thing too since she initially had to work that weekend.  Josh then put into motion the shiny piece of jewelry to be available for that weekend so I could document the occasion! You can read their full story HERE!

Beccah + Brad

We all serve at the same church, United with Christ, so we were a witness to their story from it’s inception.  They started out as friends, grew to be best friends, which grew to be more than that.. They were incredibly patient in their courtship, so when Brad was finally able to ‘pop the question’ we knew this would be fun!  Another photographer friend, Lisa Koban and I were planning on doing a photo bootcamp and ‘needed a model.’  So we asked Beccah. Somewhere in the middle of the shoot, Brad showed up. Beccah was quite clueless.. right up to the part when he got down on one knee… More on their story when I share their wedding photos! They were married in February!

Cheers and Happy Proposal Day!
Emily + KJ


Jenny + Luke: Monte Verde Inn, California

I’m a horrible blogger, that I admit fully! I left off my blogging of our crazy wedding season with KJ’s brother’s wedding which took place in California! We were very privileged to be able to take off and photograph this awesome day of theirs! But wow. What a journey. Destination wedding photography is something KJ and I would really like to get into on a regular basis. We love New York, but the world is huge!
The journey to get to the wedding was frustrating to say the least. I don’t remember the full story, it’s all in bits and pieces. Long story short: we were stuck in Jersey for 12 hours because of flights being cancelled. We boarded and deboarded the plane 2 or 3 times. The airline purposely timed out the flight crew one of those times. Everything had a case of ‘plausible deniability.’ Our luggage continued on through our original route. Thank God we carry on our gear. I don’t care what any flight attendant says, I will Never check my cameras. We stood at the counter for 2 hours trying to get anything that would make it to Sacramento. Finally, we found 2 flights direct into San Francisco so we jumped on that one. We had to change our rental car (costed a few hundred), called the hotel saying we wouldn’t get in until really late, and figure out what the heck we were going to do about clothes and toiletries. That last one was a thought for the morning. When we got to our new gate we discovered our new flight was also delayed, by 3 hours. By the time everything was said and done, we arrived to our hotel at 5:30am. KJ slept on the plane, I slept in the car, and tried to sleep at the hotel. If there was ever a day for a coffee IV.. that day was it. We needed to be at the wedding by 3. My extremely sweet sister-in-law, upon my arrival, brought me over to the mini-fridge and showed me an entire row of Starbucks coffees she had someone pick up for us. God Bless her!
After all the craziness, the wedding day was absolutely beautiful, we had a wonderful time, and we have another American girl in the family! 😉
Thank you Luke and Jenny for having us! It was truly an unforgettable trip out there!!
Cheers and Love,
Emily +