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Erika + Brian- Mirbeau Inn & Spa, Skaneateles, NY

It’s a big question if KJ and I will photograph a wedding on our anniversary. If we do, we have to really like the couple we’re sharing our anniversary with. We had an extended Google Hangouts meeting with Erika + Brian, and instantly loved just how nerdy they were (you know, like us!) Their engagement session was a riot too. I really knew we made a good decision during then. They’re troopers!
They were so sweet, and had the DJ honor us and had everyone wish us a “Happy Anniversary” in the middle of the reception! That’s a huge benefit about working with your spouse, you get to share in everything. Work isn’t work, because your bestfriend is right along with you. You get to make decisions together, and you don’t miss those important days. Even when ‘working’ you celebrate each other and with the people you’re working ‘for.’
Cheers and love,
Emily + KJ

Familh Photo Bride Groom Poodle

Wedding Gown Mirbeau Spa

Engagement Ring Rare Stone Earrings

Blue Wedding Shoes Mirbeau Spa

Floral Robed Bridesmaids

I’ve said it before, I love a coordinating a bridal party!

Mirbeau In and Spa

Groom Getting Ready Mirbeau

Groomsmen Gifts

The Groom’s and Groomsmen’s details were really neat! Their watches and bowties were made of wood!

Ring Bearer Mirbeau

Their poodle, Wilson, as the ring bearer! He had a wooden bowtie too!

Mirbeau Classic Guitar Player

Ceremony Start Mirbeau Spa

The Bride was escorted down a beautiful aisle made up of the flowers and shrubs in the gardens of Mirbeau.

Ceremony Mirbeau Spa Inn

It was such a beautiful day, perfect day for an outdoor wedding!

The moment where the father of the bride hand off his daughter to be wed. It’s a proud moment for the father and an excited moment for the bride and groom!

Monet Bridge Mirbeau Spa

Mirbeau Spa has a replica of the famous Monet bridge! It’s such a beautiful scene!

Poodle Ring Bearer

Wilson did so well as the ring bearer! He was so cute!

Ceremony at Mirbeau Spa

There are a million faces everyone makes on their wedding day, this is one of my favorites by the groom.. The moment when they say “I do.”

Wedding Cereony at Mirbeau Spa

Then the groom’s look is followed by this one.. pure joy!

Mirbeau Spa Weddings

Private vow ceremony

The bride and groom wanted to share personal vows to each other, but didn’t want to express them in front of all their family and friends. So after the wedding ceremony they had their own miniature vow renewal.

Bridal Party at Mirbeau

Mirbeau Bride and Groom

Look at that sun flare! It’s so lovely!

They have a serious and sultry side, and yet, this isn’t how they looked all day..

This is how they looked all day! Huge cheesy smiles!!

Bride Groom Willows Mirbeau

Happy Bride Groom Mirbeau

Everything made the two of them laugh, I love to see such a happy bride and groom!

Bride Groom Lipsick Mirbeau

In this case, they were laughing about the lipstick that they shared!

Engagement ring on flowers

Mirbeau Table Settings

I love the beautiful copper and green details on the tables. The dinner was intimate, so they had the tables arranged in a “U” shape. It felt like we were all eating together.

Mirbeau Receptions First Dance

After dinner, Erika and Brian shared their first dance. They aren’t the types to love to be in the center of attention, so it was short, but very sweet!

Funny Groomsman Flower Beard

There may or may not have been a flower beard made at some point.

Everyone Dance Mirbeau Receptions

Brian wanted to make sure everyone had a good time and danced!

Night Shot Monet Bridge

At the end of the night, we like to play with back light.

Emily Elizabeth Studios Wedding Photographer

Just because my husband is hot! Look at that form!! *whistle whistle*