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Tom + Charity- Day After Session- Block Island, Rhode Island

The day after Tom and Charity’s wedding was a completely different day than the one before!  They have the term ‘night and day’ for situations like this! I am very glad we pre-arranged for their portraits session to be the day after. With the combination of their timeline and the hurricane, it would have been impossible!  The day was a bit chilly, but we took the chilly wind and sun combination over a blazing hurricane!

Tom and Charity came back to the 1661 Inn to get redressed and we ventured out to the grounds of the Spring House Hotel for portraits outside.

The sun really cuts into the cold and makes everything great!  

The Southeast Lighthouse is iconic on Block Island. The Block Island Southeast Lighthouse was built in 1874 on a ten acre plot of land on the southern tip of Block Island. When the lighthouse was built, three hundred feet of land lay between it and the edge of Mohegan Bluffs and the ocean. Over the next hundred years the bluff eroded to within seventy-five feet of the light. If something wasn’t done soon, the light would light fall into the ocean. On August 13, 1993, the lighthouse started its move inland. It took nineteen days to move it to a new location, three hundred feet from the bluff.  (Information taken from http://rhodeislandlighthousehistory.info)

From the light house, we moved to the bluffs. This was the original idea for the ceremony location, but the spacing was a bit cramped. So the idea was to have the wedding on the lawn of the Spring House Hotel, although that obviously wouldn’t work due to the hurricane! This was a beautiful spot for photos though!

I saw this spot down below, wanted to put my clients there, but the trail to get down there was a bit cumbersome. They were up for it in a heartbeat! Charity kicked off her shoes, tucked the veil into her dress, and they made their way down to the bluff!  I love this view of them on the bluff with the calm ocean around it!

The last stop on our island tour was the house they stayed at post honeymoon.  The field reminded me of something out of Pride and Prejudice. Continue reading

Melissa and Chris- September 2016- Ithaca NY Wedding

Black and White Photos, Bridal Portraits, Bride and Groom portraits, Treman Center

Sending the bride and groom out for a walk during portraits. It keeps you moving, and creates a natural set of photos.

Groom's Ring, Wedding Ring, Binghamton NY Photographer, Ithaca Wedding

One ring to rule them all! I saw this beautiful patch of light while I was photographing the rings. The ring is thick enough to stand up which made for a cool image!

Wedding Dress, Tremen Center, Ithaca Wedding Venue, Binghamton NY Photography

I often aim to hang the dress in some really pretty light, but a trellis will do just fine too!

Wedding jewelry on an heirloom piece of lace.

Wedding bouquet, Purples, Binghamton NY Wedding Photography, Emily Elizabeth Studios

This bouquet had a beautiful combination of purples!

Wedding Dress, Bridal Prep, Treman Center, Ithaca Wedding Photography

Having your dress laced up in the back is a beautiful detail to a wedding dress. It can also add some time to the getting ready process. Have who ever is lacing you up practice before the wedding day!

Treman Center, Wedding Venues in Ithaca, Ithaca Wedding Photofraphy, Emily Elizabeth Studios

Final touches for the bride! Sometimes, when putting on a wedding dress, it can knock out a few strands of hair. Always have extra pins and hair spray on hand, just in case!

Emily Elizabeth Studios, Bridal Portrait, Treman Center

On the best day of your life, stand tall, stand beautifully!

Emily Elizabeth Studios, Groom Prep, Treman Center

The brides aren’t the only ones to have their getting ready moments documented! Our second is there to be sure the day is covered on all sides!

Groom Prep, Treman Center, Emily Elizabeth Studios

Final prep for the groom usually includes cuff links. They’re a pain to put on yourself!

Treman Center, Groom's Portrait, Emily Elizabeth Studios

Groom’s portrait.

On the way to the ceremony, Bride, Pre-ceremony, Treman Center

It’s time to get married! The bride, on her way down to the ceremony from a different angle!

Outdoor Ceremony, Treman Center, Emily Elizabeth Studios, Binghamton Wedding Photography

On the way down to the ceremony. It’s a slow sweet walk with your Dad down the aisle.

Outdoor Wedding, Treman Center, Ceremony

It’s about this time down the aisle where the tears start flowing! Everything becomes a bit more real!

Mister and Misses, Married, Highfives, Wedding Photography, Outdoor Ceremony, Treman Center, Emily Elizabeth Studios

We’re man and wife! High fives down the aisle!

Wedding party, Treman Center, Outdoor Fall Wedding, Emily Elizabeth Studios

One sweetly special bridal party!

Bride and Groom, Treman Center Wedding Venue, Fall Wedding, Emily Elizabeth Studios

Golden fall fields for days!

Emily Elizabeth Studios, Treman Center

Kisses, squeezes, and beautiful sunshine.

Treman Center, Night photo, bride and groom, Emily Elizabeth Studios

We love when the last photos of the night happen like this!

Kalle + Joe- Ithaca, NY Wedding

Wedding shoes La Tourelle

I love me some black and white shoes on a diamond paned window!

Wedding Jewelry Wedding shoes Ithaca

Wedding Dress Bridal Prep

Bridal Prep LaTourelle Ithaca NY

It’s a slow, anticipated walk to the first look.

First Look LaTourelle Ithaca NY

That moment right before the bride taps the groom on the shoulder. The groom hears his wife, and the bride gets flooded with emotion. It’s a really fun part of the first look!

First Look Ithaca NY

Finally! First looks give a bride and groom a moment’s peace before the whirlpool of festivities, a chance for portraits in the natural light, and creates less stress on the rest of the day.

Bridesmaids La Tourelle Willow Tree

Your girls, your tribe; they’ll be standing by your side on the most important day of your life.

Wedding Flowers Ithaca Wedding

Cascading flowers are a beautiful wedding trend.

Groomsmen LaTourelle Ithaca Wedding

The men. Your posse!

Ceremony Wedding LaTourelle Ithaca

Preceremony LaTourelle Wedding Ithaca

Such a sweet little moment with her dad before the aisle!

Handfasting Ceremony LaTourelle

LaTourelle Handfasting Ithaca Wedding

First Kiss Mr Mrs Ithaca NY

Wedding Photographer Emily Elizabeth Studios

Yes, this hurt.. But when I don’t have the right lens on my camera, ya do what ya gotta do!

Wedding Party Chessboard LaTourelle

Shall we play chess?!

Black and White Wedding Party

Wedding Party Ithaca NY Wedding

DIY details LaTourelle Reception

Wedding Rings Husband Wife Ithaca Wedding

The groom’s ring is actually made of wood! Such a cool detail!

First Dance LaTourelle Wedding Reception

LaTourelle Wedding Reception

First Dance Wedding Reception Ithaca Wedding

Wedding Photobooth Props Ithaca NY

Cake Cutting Sabre Reception LaTourelle

Bride Groom Dog Portrait

We recreated an image from their engagement session, I love this concept!

polaroid photograph latourelle wedding

And then there was this guy, with a legit polaroid doing the same!

Bride Groom Portrait Golden Hour

The golden hour, properly named because photographers love it like gold!

Bride Groom Portrait Golden Hour

Bride Groom Portrait Golden Hour

Receptions LaTourelle

Happy Wedding Receptions