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Kalle + Joe- Ithaca, NY Wedding

Wedding shoes La Tourelle

I love me some black and white shoes on a diamond paned window!

Wedding Jewelry Wedding shoes Ithaca

Wedding Dress Bridal Prep

Bridal Prep LaTourelle Ithaca NY

It’s a slow, anticipated walk to the first look.

First Look LaTourelle Ithaca NY

That moment right before the bride taps the groom on the shoulder. The groom hears his wife, and the bride gets flooded with emotion. It’s a really fun part of the first look!

First Look Ithaca NY

Finally! First looks give a bride and groom a moment’s peace before the whirlpool of festivities, a chance for portraits in the natural light, and creates less stress on the rest of the day.

Bridesmaids La Tourelle Willow Tree

Your girls, your tribe; they’ll be standing by your side on the most important day of your life.

Wedding Flowers Ithaca Wedding

Cascading flowers are a beautiful wedding trend.

Groomsmen LaTourelle Ithaca Wedding

The men. Your posse!

Ceremony Wedding LaTourelle Ithaca

Preceremony LaTourelle Wedding Ithaca

Such a sweet little moment with her dad before the aisle!

Handfasting Ceremony LaTourelle

LaTourelle Handfasting Ithaca Wedding

First Kiss Mr Mrs Ithaca NY

Wedding Photographer Emily Elizabeth Studios

Yes, this hurt.. But when I don’t have the right lens on my camera, ya do what ya gotta do!

Wedding Party Chessboard LaTourelle

Shall we play chess?!

Black and White Wedding Party

Wedding Party Ithaca NY Wedding

DIY details LaTourelle Reception

Wedding Rings Husband Wife Ithaca Wedding

The groom’s ring is actually made of wood! Such a cool detail!

First Dance LaTourelle Wedding Reception

LaTourelle Wedding Reception

First Dance Wedding Reception Ithaca Wedding

Wedding Photobooth Props Ithaca NY

Cake Cutting Sabre Reception LaTourelle

Bride Groom Dog Portrait

We recreated an image from their engagement session, I love this concept!

polaroid photograph latourelle wedding

And then there was this guy, with a legit polaroid doing the same!

Bride Groom Portrait Golden Hour

The golden hour, properly named because photographers love it like gold!

Bride Groom Portrait Golden Hour

Bride Groom Portrait Golden Hour

Receptions LaTourelle

Happy Wedding Receptions


Taylor + Shem- Wolf Oak Acres, Oneida NY

I evidently go through seasons of blogging. So here’s the start of the next season! Picking up with more from last season. Taylor and Shem had a beautiful day! Their love is contagious, and together they’re unstoppable! Read on through the rest of this post for details of their wedding day!

Wolf Oak Acres Wedding Gown

Taylor had one of the most elegant dresses I had ever seen. It had an underlying tone of sage. Usually, if there’s any color, it’s a neutral or blush. This was unique!

Wedding gown wolf oak acres

Photographing details is part of the process, but when everything is shiny

Etsy robes pretty bridesmaids

Coordinating outfits for the bridesmaids (where be it robes, shirts, etc.) while getting ready adds a great element of loveliness to the day.

Bridal prep at Wolf Oak Acres

It’s the little things that add to your whole bridal look.

Getting Ready at Wolk Oak Acres

Focusing on those natural details. Taylor curled her hair herself!

Bridal Portraits at Wolf Oak Acres

We love sweet light and beautiful brides, especially blushing ones.

Bride and Wolf Oak Acres

It’s not just posed portraits we love, our favorites are the in betweens.

They’re your sisters and your best friends.

Beautiful sisters at Wolf Oak Acres

Sisters and best friends always have the best laughs.

Having fun at Wolf Oak Acres

Groom getting ready images

With two photographers, we’re able to simultaneously photograph the bride and groom getting ready for the day.

Wolf Oak Acres groomsmen

The groom and his men generally only take about 15minutes to get ready. Wolf Oak Acres has great rooms for them to hang out in.

Shem received a very sweet note from his bride before the ceremony.

Wolf Oak Acres Walking to ceremony

Groomsmen by the Pond Pre-ceremony

Both my husband and I took the guys and girls to the same location, which took some coordinating.

Wolf Oak Acres Groomsmen

In case of rain, Taylor opted to have the ceremony held in doors. Wolf Oak Acres has a beautiful in door location for a ceremony.

All of the flowers and centerpieces were done by the bride’s mother.

Pre-ceremony at Wolf Oak Acres

A sweet moment before the ceremony between the bride and her father.

Walking down the aisle wold oak acres

There was this beautiful patch of light that came pouring in through a skylight.

Emotional bridesmaids Wolf Oak

We love a sweet bridal party who get choked up during the ceremony watching their loved ones get married!

Ceremony First Kiss Inside Wedding

Shem + Taylor’s first kiss was really celebratory!

After ceremony Wolf Oak

At almost every wedding we photograph, the groom highfives people going down the aisle.

Ceremony Emotion Wolf Oak

After the ceremony, generally follows up with a flood of emotion from friends and family. In this case, the littlest sister.

Wolf Oak Acres Bridal Party

Wedding Party Wolf Oak Acres

Wolf Oak Acres

Bride and Groom WOlf Oak

Sometimes we get a bride and groom who are willing to climb on things for a photo

Bride and Groom Walking

We know there is nothing that these two can’t do.

Mr. and Mrs. Shem Doupe!

First Dance Wolf Oak Acres

The first dance between a bride and groom is so much fun and intimate. Emotions and excitement is high!

Wolf Oak Receptions Dance

Reception Events Wolf Oak Acres

Taylor and Shem’s wedding party had some of the most informative and hilarious speeches we have witnessed to date!

High Fives Wolf Oak Acres

When you marry your best friend.

Cake Smash Reception Events

They had an agreement to be nice, and then Taylor winked at me.

Reception Dancing Wolf Oak

Reception Events Dancing

Crazy Dancing Reception Wolf Oak

The dancing got pretty wild !

Sparkler Exit Reception Ending

Sparkler Exit Wolf Oak Acres

Congratulations Taylor and Shem! It was an awesome day for sure!

National Proposal Day: Engagement in Binghamton NY

Today is apparently National Proposal Day, so we figure we would share a couple proposals we were able to be apart of!

With both proposals I was able to be apart of the planning and execution of them. Keeping this big of a secret is tough!

Josh + Hillary

This one was especially tough. I initially wanted to surprise my sister by just showing up in Atlanta. Then thought better of it and decided that at least telling Josh would be a good idea.. Then after talking with him we decided to tell Hillary I was coming down. It’s a good thing too since she initially had to work that weekend.  Josh then put into motion the shiny piece of jewelry to be available for that weekend so I could document the occasion! You can read their full story HERE!

Beccah + Brad

We all serve at the same church, United with Christ, so we were a witness to their story from it’s inception.  They started out as friends, grew to be best friends, which grew to be more than that.. They were incredibly patient in their courtship, so when Brad was finally able to ‘pop the question’ we knew this would be fun!  Another photographer friend, Lisa Koban and I were planning on doing a photo bootcamp and ‘needed a model.’  So we asked Beccah. Somewhere in the middle of the shoot, Brad showed up. Beccah was quite clueless.. right up to the part when he got down on one knee… More on their story when I share their wedding photos! They were married in February!

Cheers and Happy Proposal Day!
Emily + KJ